We gather a party of unprofessionals to play-test the Unprofessional Development Board Game!  We have our dice, our Mountain Dew, and our Cheese Puffs ready for some role-playing fun.



Aviva Levin of Lesson Impossible

Brad Sheffler of Planning Period Podcast

Shane Lawrence of The Edpodcast

Mealey and Tudisco of Unprofessional Development


And just for fun, here's the full video of Edupodlooza! (Yes, we really hosted podcasts for almost 8 1/2 hours...).


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Link: https://hellofresh-ca.o5kg.net/c/2544961/791027/7893

Code: HFAFF80

Offer: $80 Discount ($50 - $20 - $10) Including Free Shipping on First Box!

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