Continuing our release of the 2021 Edupodlooza, we have our radio drama, "The Last Day."  Please enjoy the exciting story of a group of teachers, a PD on the last day of school, and a zombie attack.


Written by

Batsheva Frankel

Aviva Levin

William Mealey

Chris Tudisco



Jordan.... Charles William of The Counter Narrative

Sage... Batsheva Frankel of Overthrowing Education

Wallace... Chris Tudisco of Unprofessional Development

Robin... Aviva Levin of Lesson Impossible

Cameron... Lindy Mealey

Taylor... Brad Sheffler of Planning Period Podcast

PA Announcer... Gerardo Muñoz of Two Dope Teachers and a Mic

Darryl... Shane Lawrence of The Edpodcast

Cheryl... Sandrine Hope of Step Into Mondays

Nico... William Mealey of Unprofessional Development

Sound Effects... Lanny Cross


And just for fun, here's the full video of Edupodlooza! (Yes, we really hosted podcasts for almost 8 1/2 hours...).


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