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Mealey and Tudisco proudly present the 2021  Georgie Awards!  We look back at a year of podcasting and give out the following awards (click for a link to the episode):

Best Turn of Phrase

** Nixon, Ep 62:  Nixon, the Coolest Teacher You Know**

Passion and Equity Award

**Nick Ferroni, Ep 92:  Nicholas Ferroni, World's Most Passionate Teacher**

Best Funny Story From Education

**Joe Dombrowski, Ep 54:  Comedian Joe Dombrowski**

So Smart It Makes Us Dizzy

**Dr. Jody Carrington, Ep 75:  Dr Jody Carrington, Kids These Days**

Mealey's Favorite Edupodlooza Segment

**"The Last Day" Radio Drama, Ep 80:  EDUPODLOOZA 2021!  Radio Drama:  The Last Day**

Tudisco's Favorite Edupodlooza Segment

**Honest Edupodcast Round Table, Ep 83:  EDUPODLOOZA 2021! Edupodcast Round Table Pt 2**

Honorable Mention

**Kevin Adams and Gerardo Muñoz, Ep 89:  For Dope Unprofessionals The Sequel (Part 1)**


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