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Mealey and Tudisco proudly present the 2021 Georgie Awards!  We look back at a year of podcasting and give out the following awards (click for a link to the episode):

Best Responses to Mealey's Bio Prompt

** Ruth Swailes, Ep 74:  Ruth Swailes, Educational Consultant**

** Victoria Thompson, Ep 91:  Victoria the Tech **

Intense Spreadsheet Award

**Matthew Dicks, Ep 97:  The Storyworthy Matthew Dicks**

Most Profound Change On Our Practice

**Johanna Brown, Ep 69:  Johanna Brown, Going Gradeless**

**Ben Oliva, Ep 98:  Ben Oliva, Sports Psychologist**

The Great Duos Award

**Williams and Mangano, Ep 66:  The Dynamic Duo, Mangano & Williams**

**Keenan Lee and Alexandria Adams, Ep 94: Keenan and Alex, Two Returning Unprofessionals**

**Modest Teacher and Typical Educelebrity, Ep 65: Double Trouble:  Modest Teacher and Typical Educelebrity**

The Principled Principals Award

**Toby Price, Ep 61:  Toby Price, the Prinicipal, Geek, and Autism Dad**

**Charles Williams, Ep 77:  Charles Williams, Supportive Principal and Edu Consultant**

**Principal El, Ep 88:  Principal El, The Principal Who Stayed**


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