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Ep 12:Berenfeld

March 30th, 2020

Debates about pets

First year fun

Random Tangents

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Ep 11.5: Supplemental Learning– Effort vs. Ability

March 25th, 2020

Welcome, unprofessionals!  Today on our supplemental learning session, Tudisco and Mealey get into a debate on how to grade students based on effort or ability. 

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Ep 11: Just Us Field Trips and Impostering

March 23rd, 2020

This is Just Us Discussing Field Trip Funny Stories and Imposter Syndrome. 

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Ep 10 Matthew Bates

March 16th, 2020

Our third Quora-famous teacher Matthew Bates shares with us stories from middle school.Also insight into writing on the internet and gaining followers.

Matthew Bates on Quora

Matthew Bates on Medium

A Comedy of Classroom Errors

Matthew Bates' book on Politics

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Ep 9: Just Us-Unpopular Opinions

March 9th, 2020

Do teachers really work hard?...meh and other unpopular opinions and funny stories from the school auditorium stage. Follow us on Twitter  @unprocast  and email us unprofessionaldevelopmentcast@gmail.com

Ep 8: Boyd

March 2nd, 2020

Retired teacher and Quoran Alisa Boyd talks about teaching all kinds of kids. Please follow her on Quora https://www.quora.com/profile/Alisa-Boyd-3?q=boyd and Good Reads https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/11481792-alisa

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Ep 7: Everyone Dies

February 24th, 2020

Today's guest is the Destroyer of Worlds Dave Consiglio. Quora famous, published author of two books and...a science teacher. Find out how he ends life on earth using glue sticks. Hear about blind students lighting things on fire. 

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Ep 6: Just us Parent Talks and Pet Peeves

February 16th, 2020

Two teachers talking about talking to parents and our pet peeves about being a teacher. Also random tangents about speaking Spanish and movies whose titles are Car/truck mash-ups. Follow us on Twitter @unprocast or email us unprofessionaldevelopmentcast@gmail.com

Episode 5: Niemann

February 10th, 2020

In this episode, we interview Niemann, a science teacher who teaches us about building relationships, why teaching matters, and what an excited pickle experiment is...

Episode 4:Just us talking fictional teachers

February 2nd, 2020

No guest- just two nerds talking about their favorite fictional teachers. Some talk about how to motivate people/students. Email us at unprofessionaldevelopmentcast@gmail.com